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By roger, Aug 9 2014 12:40AM

Question: Why is it that you, a man, chose to write a story like Daisy McIntosh?

Answer: A lady who read my book, Mr Alexander, and believing it to be a true story, approached me to write her true story of physical and mental abuse by her mother from age 6 to 15, growing up in Kingston, Jamaica. We had a meeting that led to me drafting an outline. After further discussion, she decided not to proceed as she felt her sisters would be easily identified from the story, something she did not want to happen.

To my surprise, the topic of childhood abuse would not leave my head, so I decided to write a fictional story of abuse from a different angle, including from a rural setting. The original story can still be written if the subject wants it done, as Daisy’s experiences are totally different from those of the lady.

Roger H. Panton


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