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Gina Johnson

Gina’s astrological prophesy faces a serious challenge as she accepts an invitation to the New Year’s Night celebration. As Gina takes her first step towards fulfilling the astrological forecast that her future happiness depends on how well she starts the millennium, she faces challenges with two suitors.


As she struggles to distinguish between lies and misunderstandings; and love and lust, her well-meaning guardian, aunt Liza, complicates matters with her own views about the suitors. Gina’s determination to fulfil her astrological dream irrespective of her aunt’s concerns, creates difficulties neither could have foreseen.

Gina Book Cover


By B. J. Horner

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase


I enjoyed this book a lot - it is written in a very easy and readable style.

I really liked the insight into the thinking and differing attitudes of the two leading characters, Gina Johnson and her aunt who has taken on the role of being Gina's surrogate mother after the death of her own mother. The generational sparring between the two women is well observed and rung true.


The two young men who come into Gina's life are more lightly drawn but you find out enough about them both to keep you guessing as to how the story will end. I would definitely recommend this book.