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Mr Alexander

This is a story about a Jamaican family in 70s London and their struggle to keep the lid on an incident that threatens to tear the family apart.


Mr. Alexander has four grownup daughters. Just 6 months after the accidental death of Mrs. Alexander, daughter Mavis' best friend Carmen gives birth in New York to a son fathered by Mr. Alexander. As he puts the finishing touches to his plan to join his only son and ‘baby mother’ in New York, things don't go according to plan.


Mavis holds the key to making it happen, but will she do what's required? Readers will marvel at the twists and turns and surprises that unfold in the story.

Mr-Alexander-Kindle-Final-Blk (1)


By julie mcsorley

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase


Our introduction to Mr Alexander presents him as a modest ageing husband and Father who doesn't want to rock the boat in his tightly knit family of strong-willed women. Besides, a wedding looms, and it wouldn't do to upset his wife or bride-to-be daughter. A family tragedy casts a whole new light on the protagonist as he flees to the streets of New York. The story takes root in the domestic complexities of an extended Jamaican family in seventies London, slowly revealing the double-life of Mr Alexander in a well-written, quirky and intriguing tale of deceit.


By Stuey P - Published on

Format: Paperback


This story about a middle-aged Jamaican immigrant dealing with changes in his life and the machinations of his daughters was an enthralling read.


There are numerous twists and turns to the story which don't seem forced in any way and the depth of characterisation is impressive; there are no 'good' or 'bad' guys and the hidden motivations of the various characters are surprising yet understandable when eventually revealed. While at times you will want to cheer the main character Mr Alexander, at other times you will want to shake some sense into him!! A riveting story - well worth picking up!!